Advanced Features

"How-To" Videos

As part of our service, we offer brief online video clips that demonstrate how to utilize the various customizable TeachingMadeEasier features. Once you are a member, you can also submit a request to receive a personalized "How-To" video via e-mail.

Click on a title below to view any video currently available:


Our picture and word database is available in 8 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES! You can choose to create activities in:

  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Creole
  • English

Save Lists

SAVE ADDITIONAL TIME by SAVING YOUR LISTS! This program has the ability to save ANY of your prepared lists. Retrieve them from any online computer! Use them tomorrow, next week or even next year!

Black-Lined Masters

Many of the same "Masters" you have tucked away in boxes or filed in your filing cabinet can be found and printed within seconds in our "Masters" section. We have hundreds, including:

  • calendars
  • creative writing pages (primary- and intermediate-lined)
  • graphic organizers
  • games
  • math
  • mazes

Search Options

Rifling through a variety of word lists, dictionaries, and other teacher reference materials, in search of specific words to use with your students, is a thing of the past!

Search our Word and Picture databases according to:

  • categorized topics
  • academic level
  • word length
  • phonetic sound
  • letter patterns
  • number of syllables

Search our Letters database according to:

  • prefixes
  • suffixes
  • initial letter blends
  • word families
  • vowel combinations

Search our Number database according to:

  • ordinal numbers
  • math facts
  • clock times
  • Roman numerals

Missing Letters

Individualizing has NEVER been easier! Before printing any of your individualized materials, you have the ability, if you like, to elect to have various letters missing from each word or picture title. This is guaranteed to add a little extra difficulty to every activity.

The options for missing letters are:

  • all letters
  • specified number of letters
  • beginning number of letters
  • ending number of letters
  • random letters

Picture Title

The option to display the title beneath each picture can be completed in ONE click! Having a picture with missing letters underneath the picture can easily be completed in seconds.

Adjustable Fonts

Our "Teach-to-Write" font package includes various fonts in ZB Style and D'Style.

  • dotted with guidelines
  • dotted with arrows
  • solid print
  • solid cursive
  • box configurations

The ability to adjust the font size is also an option. Basically, while the activity template is 'set' for you, you can customize the way the activity appears using the adjustable font features.

The font case is also up to you. You have the choice of:

  • lower case
  • Title Case
  • As entered (ability to combine UPPER and lower case)

We hope you give TeachingMadeEasier a try!

HOURS of your monotonous prep work WILL VANISH!

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