What TeachingMadeEasier Can Do For You

Q: Teachers, have you ever dreamed of actually having "FREE TIME?"
TeachingMadeEasier™ was designed to help you spend less time creating classroom materials. We hope to get you out of the classroom at a reasonable hour after school so you can have more time with your family and friends.

Q: Have you ever realized that one spelling list doesn’t work for your entire class?
With TeachingMadeEasier™, you can instantly create 40+ activities with your own words or words from our database. The program also offers 100,000+ words for you to choose from. NO MORE RESEARCHING AND THINKING OF WORDS ON YOUR OWN! Everything is at your fingertips!

Q: Would you like to give your students individual attention?
Our mission is to help you create “hands-on” manipulatives for every single one of your students! TeachingMadeEasier will even help you effectively address NCLB!

Q: Do you need to generate a variety of activities for your students?
TeachingMadeEasier™ offers 40+ FUN and EDUCATIONAL activities! At the click of your mouse, you will have the ability to quickly and effortlessly input ANY of your vocabulary words into materials.

Q: Do you hope to challenge each individual student?
TeachingMadeEasier™ was designed to help with preparing appropriate leveled learning materials for everyone!

Q: Do your ESL students need help in your English-speaking classroom?
Our extensive database is available in 8 languages! Even if you do not speak a foreign language, it will be simple for you to provide materials for ESL students.

Q: Do you alternate between Macintosh® & IBM computers?
You can save your prepared files and access them from ANY online computer.


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